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Creating Wealth Building Choices

Creating Wealth Building Choices

Access2Assets Makes Wealth Building & Asset Preservation The Focus For Prince George’s

By Rhett Butler

When Access2Assets had their launch at the Woodmore Country Club in Mitchellville, MD on Saturday, August 4 the intrigue was deafening.

The attendees came dressed in business mode at 10am for the breakfast that included a range of speakers: a Forex trader, a former West Virginia delegate, and two doctors that electrified the waiting crowd who all wanted to know one thing: What is Access2Assets?

Dr, Alim Muhammad

Dr, Alim Muhammad

“Access2Assets is a well-structured network marketing company that helps families, businesses, organizations, and private citizens in America set up trusts and foundations so they can shield and protect their assets from the economy itself, from potential creditors and from other sources that might want to get hold onto those assets,” said Dennis Jali, CEO of Access2Assets.

access to Assets.jpg

“It’s the best way to transfer the wealth from one generation to the other. It’s the best way to preserve assets that are destined or dedicated to beneficiaries that don’t make good choices while those assets exist. It’s a company based in Maryland here in Upper Marlboro. It’s a combination of bankers, lawyers, judges, and Forex traders; people who understand assets, the legal side of assets and the banking system here in America.”

The people behind Access2Asssets are more than just good at what they do but these are people that are highly experienced that also have a proven track record of helping a lot of U.S. citizens domestically gain profits over the last few years. Starting with the first company, 1stMillionDollars clients invested into the crypto currency trading wizardry of the team and reaped monthly payouts over a term of 12 months.

“Starting out, I was very skeptical,” said Sierra Craig, a 1stMillionDollars client now also an Access2Assets client. “But after talking more with Dennis (Jali), I did move forward with investing in some crypto currencies and now I’m building a Trust for my daughter and I’m just trying to build wealth.”

However, when it was discovered that many of the recipient’s had spent their earnings as quickly as they made it, an altruistic strategy was created to help steer financial gains towards wealth preservation and Acces2Assets was born.

The A2A team puts the clients first by making sure everybody wins by expanding their financial literacy, training them to think differently, and providing access to real assets like gold coins, crypto currencies, trust formation, and more via memberships.

“Predominantly we would like to serve people who have been previously disadvantaged financially, people who have faced a lot of setbacks economically, people who feel like they are in the rat race working hard but they have nothing to leave behind, people who want to plan a better future for their kids, for the next generation and for themselves regardless of race, age or gender, those are the people we want to serve,” said Jali.

“Anyone who wants to make a better good looking future financially especially when it comes to the next generation, those are the people we want to serve.”

This consortium plans to lead a future generation of wealth builders to further preserve the richness of Prince George’s County; pun intended.

Check out more at www.access2assets.net



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