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Two Eyebrows: Many Choices

Two Eyebrows: Many Choices


Eyebrow Upkeep Is Big Business

Eyebrows are not what they used to be. Originally, they served a simple purpose.

So, let’s start from the beginning, why do we have eyebrows? No one knows for sure how they came to be strategically placed above the eyes, but scientists believe they are in place to help protect the eyes (to help catch and guard against dirt, germs and particles that might slide into the sensitive eye cavities through sweat and rain). These hairlines, smooth or bushy catch a lot of micro-isms that hit the forehead and roll down.

Now, not just for protection, eyebrows are a fashion statement all their own. A well-shaped eyebrow gives a face character and added attraction. Women and quite a few men have at one time or another had some type of enhancement. 

No longer just a shave or pluck or wax and then pencil to fill, other options offer a longer lasting look and still others offer a semi-permanent to permanent option requiring maintenance every 1-3 years.

Three popular ways to enhance the brow are threading, micro blading, or tattooing. Which to have done is each perosn’s choice. There is no end to the many YouTube videos available to  help one to make that decision. For the purpose of this article, we offer a brief overview of these more popular techniques.

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Threading:  A thin double thread is rolled over areas plucking hairs from the follicle level. This gives the eyebrow shape and definition and less maintenance is required as the hairs take 2-3 weeks to grow back.

Micro blading: A technique where a sharp tool, like a little scalpel, scratches tiny pigmented lines into the eyebrow line improving shape, definition and filling in thinner areas. Micro blading does not go as deep into the skin (as tattooing) and is considered semi-permanent. The pigment could last between 9 and 15 months.

Tattooed eyebrows:  A brow outline is created and pigment is injected just below the skin creating a perfect brow. Tattooed brows are permanent but over time will fade and may require a touch-up (1-3 years).

Cost for eyebrow enhancements can run very expensive but it all depends on what the desired effect is and to what length one is willing to go. No matter which choice, the outcome should be the perfect brow.

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