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Budget Forward

Budget Forward

FY2018 Budget Passes House of Delegates

The House of Delegates passed the FY2018 Budget (135-6) and fully funds K-12 education, restores after-school funding for poor students, invests in healthcare, and continues to fund health care for the poor and elderly.

The budget resolved the structural deficit this year, leaving $137 million in reserve, plus nearly $1 billion in the Rainy Day Fund.


· This budget fully funds Maryland public schools with $6.4 Billion for the FY 18, a record amount.

·  BOOST funding is limited to students currently in the program.

· The budget caps in-state tuition at 2% for next year.

· This budget increases funding to community colleges. Nearly $1.7 million to Prince George’s Community College

· Restores $4 million for the FY18 of the Governor’s cuts for Teacher Induction, Retention and Advancement Pilot Program. And, fully funds for this program in FY19.


Health Care

·Total health care funding increases, including over $11 billion in funding for 1.4 million Medicaid enrollees.

· The budget provides a 2% increase for most social service providers in Maryland.

· The budget restores full funding to the Prince George’s County Regional Medical Center’s operating grant.

*This report provided through information provided by the office of Del. Kris Valderrama

DC Energy Plan Leads the Way

DC Energy Plan Leads the Way