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Art Is You

Art Is You

Five Reasons Why Art Collecting Is For You

There are hundreds if not thousands of reasons that humans have appreciated art dating back to cave drawings and early hieroglyphics. What started out as pure communication grew beyond that to ways to question what we didn’t understand and just appreciation for being here at all.

Jackie and Derrick Thompson, Overdue Recognition Art Gallery

Jackie and Derrick Thompson, Overdue Recognition Art Gallery

Technology and times may have changed but the mechanics of the soul are still the same.

And there are still a ga-zillion reasons why art still moves us. Here are five:

You Can Collect What You Enjoy

This is arguably the most important reason to collect art, because you love how it looks. Your collection can focus on a certain subject, a specific artist or a particular time.


There’s No Need To Be Afraid

Don’t worry if you have little to no experience with art, galleries are a great place to learn. At Overdue Recognition Art Gallery, we are available to answer any questions, because that’s the best way to learn about art is to share your curiosity with others!


You Set The Budget

One of a kind art is amazing to own, but sometimes it isn’t in the budget, our gallery has limited edition works like giclee’s or serigraphs that are great for collectors looking for art at affordable prices!


It’s A Great Way To Support The Arts

When you purchase artwork, you’re not just beatifying your home. You’re also helping the arts make a difference in the world, as art is fundamental to our humanity!


You Will Be Creating A Legacy

An art collection can become a prized heirloom, giving you a real and emotional legacy to hand down to your family and friends. In the end, collecting art is something meant to be enjoyed; collecting can be an enriching and rewarding experience.

Jackie and Derrick Thompson


15402 Emerald Way // Bowie, Maryland 20716



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