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A Jab at American History

A Jab at American History

Second City Comes to DC with 'Almost Accurate Guide to America'

For many, the drama portrayed in the media between the U.S. presidential candidates is not funny. For famed Chicago-based comedy troupe Second City, it’s a comedy show.

Almost Accurate Guide to America, playing at the Kennedy Center through July 31 goes for the funny bone and hits audiences with 90 minutes of sketches, one-liners, and improv routines on a sprint through American history that will leave many in the audience in stitches. It's a satirical look at our founding fathers and how freedom was born all the way to present day. It even features a Hamilton parody and doesn’t skimp on the current happenings between the presumptive Republican and Democratic nominees for POTUS.

While the show leans left, the six-member cast consisting of Andrew Knox, Marla Caceres, Ryan Asher, Tyler Davis, Ross Taylor and Sayjal Joshi also poke fun of both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton; so even conservatives get to laugh in.

Yes, government is truly drama, but Second City comes to Washington, DC and reminds us that it’s also pretty funny.  

What: Second City’s Almost Accurate Guide to America
When: Through July 31, 2016
Where: Kennedy Center, Theater Lab, 2700 F St., NW, Washington, DC
Tickets are $49-$65.

Art Is Brewing

Art Is Brewing