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Twilight Sleep Stories

Twilight Sleep Stories

Soothing Bedtime Story App Helps Put Children Quickly to Sleep

Parents who struggle getting their kids to sleep finally have some recourse - in an app!

When it comes to bedtime, anything that helps parents get their little ones settled and asleep as quickly as possible is a godsend. 

How about a story on some intriguing technologies that are working for families? 

For instance...

The Moshi Twilight app can help to settle children at night when used as part of a regular bedtime routine.

Seventy-three percent of families using the app say their kids drifted off to sleep faster, on average 20 minutes a night faster than their usual bedtime routine.

Its use of calming audio stories and guided relaxations eliminate the need for children to look at an electronic screen at night which would have a non-sedative effect for kids.

Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories combine melodies and calming narration with soothing sounds.

The app has been developed in partnership with leading well-being and mindfulness app Calm, recently named as Apple’s App of The Year 2017.

Free to download, the app is available in the App Store, Google Play and Amazon. You can even ask Alexa to play a sleep story.


STEAM Learning Innovation

STEAM Learning Innovation

Sweatpants. With Feet.

Sweatpants. With Feet.