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Make Love, Not Phone

Make Love, Not Phone

This Valentines’ Day, Be Smarter Than Your Smartphone

 By Nelia Dashiell

Can you imagine leaving your phone at home for a day? How about completely disconnecting from all technology (phone, tablet, computer, etc) for an entire day? It sounds crazy and almost impossible doesn't it?


Reboot is a non-profit organization that created the National Day of Unplugging (March 9). This is a day where everyone is encouraged to unplug from electronic devices and to take the time enjoy people, nature and life without constantly staring at a screen.

“Society is teaching all of us that it is OK to always have your phone out. To be ever connected, ever reachable ...So our National Day of Unplugging project is an ongoing effort to encourage people to bring balance into their use of technology by reflecting on their use and taking a regular tech break. The day promotes not just one day of unplugging a year but a lifestyle change,” says Reboot’s spokesperson Tanya Schevitz.

NDU began in 2010 and is related to the Jewish tradition of taking a day of rest and putting down our electronics but has also been recognized worldwide among people with various backgrounds.

PP wine for two.jpg

During this month of Valentines’ Day, Pinot’s Palette reached out to Reboot to collaborate with them on their “Disconnect to Reconnect” campaign. Pinot’s Palette is an art studio that allows people to come in with their loved one (or a friend), sip some wine and paint a masterpiece to take home. Pinot’s Palette encourages couples to disconnect from their phones in order to reconnect with their loved ones this Valentine's’ Day season.

“(Pinot’s Palette is) giving couple’s a chance to reconnect over a canvas and just a whole (different) experience. It’s time for couples just to do something that is not technology,” says Schevitz.

Valentine’s Day week is the perfect time to come into Pinot’s Palette and reconnect with your partner. There are various Pinot’s Palette locations in the area including: Elliot City, Tysons.

Various events take place every night at Pinot’s Palette. For Valentine’s week, Pinot’s Palette encourages couples to visit their local studio on a couples’ night where they will be able to work on a project together.

Take the pledge to unplug from technology and bring your partner to Pinot’s Palette for a time of wine, paint and reconnecting.

To learn more about Pinot’s Palette and Reboot’s “Disconnect to Reconnect” campaign or to sign you and your loved one up, visit: https://www.pinotspalette.com/reconnect.


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